Made in Italy leather gloves for men and women

Naples, Rome… Italy and its people, with its important distinguishing artisan tradition, its workmanship and values, have always been our first source of inspiration in both the creative and productive process.
This is the story of a handicraft family, is one of Italian made in italy and of what it represents in the world.
This is the story of the Merola family.
Every creation reflects our spiritual and physical contact with the origins of our family, infusing all our products with history and emotion.

“Made in Italy” has long inspired and evoked beauty, grace and class. Our company is a keen supporter of the genuine 100% Made in Italy label, because we wish to guarantee to all our customers that the article they purchase from us is a true product of quality Italian craftsmanship.
In the field of fashion, Italy takes first place for the high quality of its own textiles and the perfect elegance and refinement that goes into making them up, as well as for the guarantee of quality materials. The whole world admires and trusts a product that is Made in Italy and many people are prepared to make huge sacrifices to be able to purchase an Italian branded article, which they will wear with great pride.

Merola gloves guarantee the traceability of genuine 100% Made in Italy products and raw materials. Every product reflects this philosophy and reveals the intrinsic implication that the artist’s touch makes his work unique.

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