Leather made in Italy gloves

The collection of Merola gloves is very distinctive, a contemporary design but with a very classic look. There is a gloves for every month. Fashionable and comfort for today fast moving world. These unusual and sop histicated gloves have been made entirely in Italy Every pair of Merola gloves are created with the same love, […]

Manufacturing of Leather Gloves | Merola Gloves

When you buy a pair of Merola gloves, you also buy all the knowledge and tradition of craftsmanship. So an elegant and modern style that doesn’t forget the ancient wisdom of the precious and inimitable Made in Italy.

Philosophy of Merola Gloves

Leather made in Italy gloves

Merola Gloves Embody Italian Leather Excellence We at Merola Gloves represent the pinnacle of artisan craftsmanship, a brand synonymous with the finest leather gloves. As purveyors of leather made in Italy gloves, we are dedicated to maintaining a tradition of excellence deeply rooted in Italian artisanal heritage. This dedication is evident in every pair of […]

History – Merola Leather Gloves

The Roman and Neapolitan glove from the eighteenth century to today: for fourth generations, the Merola family has been involved in the production and sales of leather gloves. In the late 60’s, Alberto Merola, entered the Company and helped regain international attention for “Merola” gloves, a “Made in Italy” product that is handmade using traditional […]

Made in Italy leather gloves for men and women

Hand Made Leather Gloves - Merola

Naples, Rome… Italy and its people, with its important distinguishing artisan tradition, its workmanship and values, have always been our first source of inspiration in both the creative and productive process.This is the story of a handicraft family, is one of Italian made in italy and of what it represents in the world.This is the […]

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